MediaGrowth Training

MediaGrowth Training

Partnership Selling University produces results. Five courses cover the range of issues that publishers, sales managers and salespeople face in today’s challenging sales climate.


  • Choose their own key accounts to focus on during the course.
  • Follow a tailored program of skills-study and application.
  • Apply proven principles directly to their real-life situations.
  • Absorb and apply principles over an extended period.
  • Are encouraged by personal direction and trainer feedback.
  • Are guided by a weekly follow-up and accountability system.
  • Concentrate on the specific skills that management select.
  • Don’t lose selling time in the field during training.

When it isn’t practical to bring the entire sales staff together, when individual salespeople have special learning needs, when junior staff members require input, or when the time investment of a sales seminar is a concern, PSU courses maximize your return on investment.

  • Too busy to Coach Staff?
  • Skills to Maximize Sales
  • Customized to Individual
  • Close 10 Key Accounts
  • Sell Integrated Marketing Packages
  • New Person Hits Ground Running
  • Seniors Polish Skills

“Kathi, your advice and materials are outstanding, as are the results they generate when applied. I finished last year over 30% above goal in a tough economy.”   Paul Hurst, President, Hurst & Assoc

This is a MUST for anyone looking to not only increase their sales, but for those wanting to expand their understanding of how buyers think…Kathi’s course was very interactive and allowed me to practice different techniques to find the one that works for me.  I am so glad I did this!  I am currently at 125% of goal right now and the month is not over.    Amy Turkett, Thompson Information


“The Sales Ascent”
The foundation of effective Publishing Sales
for new salespeople and those who have recently come to publishing from other types of sales. Preparation, decision makers, essential questions, active listening, the value of advertising, the NFRB progression, valuable objections, closing throughout the process, and time & territory management.
“The Next Level”
Individualized topics for more experienced salespeople who have specific skill development objectives or particular challenges. The professional publishing salesperson should always be looking for that next level of understanding, knowledge, capability or creativity.
“Creative Packages”
The step-by-step process of uncovering customer needs, designing multi-faceted approaches for putting them face-to-face with the right audience, and helping them bring their products efficiently to market.
“Professional Telephone Sales
When there are only moments to access the decision maker, present the features & benefits, reinforce their relevance & value, answer the objections, and close the sale… Ideas, motivators, resources and skill development for those who sell exclusively on the telephone.
“All Star Coaching”
Leadership principles and customized assistance for newly-promoted managers and seasoned pros who are looking for battle-tested strategies as well as some new answers to the old challenges.