Join Your B2B Media Colleagues – Chicago, April 11-13, 2016

at the Elegant 4 Star Renaissance Suites
Why Attend MGE Summit?
  • Discover 21st Century Tools for New Product Growth
  • Thrive in a World of Constant Change
  • Network Exclusively with B2B Media Executives
  • Build Long-Term Success with B2B Media’s Core Values


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” … Senior level marketers speaking on how they currently spend B2B budgets and on where they see the trends going will help us prepare to meet their future needs.  This conference will fulfill a real need for top management and publishers. ”   Keith Crain, Chairman, Crain Com.


“…MGES will provide much needed focused media industry networking and discussions … I am greatly looking forward to the content and conversations.”  Peter Stamats, COO, EVP Stamats 


“The MediaGrowth Executive Summit is a great opportunity to exchange ideas on growing a B2B media business… If you’re serious about B2B, you can’t afford to miss this event.” Frank Finn, COO, CBI


“Private publishers have always been the long-term investor in B2B Media.This is a long overdue event.”  Brook  Taliaferro, CEO, United Publications


“…This conference will provide a path towards this new approach at a time that it is most needed.”  Steve Loerch, Owner, Didier & Broderick




B2B Executives collaborate to create a very different kind of conference!       ” We need an all business conference that is focused on publishing’s core values and innovative ideas …”  Keith Crain 


The MediaGrowth Executive Summit is open exclusively to B2B Media Executives with titles of Owner, Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, President, EVP, SVP, VP, Publisher(Brand Manager).

B2B Media is evolving.  Disruptive technologies and new theories are challenging the industry with opportunities as well as threats.  What are the next moves for successful Media Companies?

Expand your company’s community and revenue by implementing new strategies and technologies based on the core values that have made the publishing industry great.

At MediaGrowth Executive Summit 2016 you will:

  • Hear from CMOs from diverse industries who will share their current priorities and expectations of an ideal media partner.
  • Benefit from the experiences of successful B2B media executives and how they are succeeding in today’s market.
  • Explore new revenue sources with marketing services and custom content.
  • Consider the latest trends in creative publishing models that honor core values.
  • Receive information on technology advancements that will help you thrive in a world which is continually being disrupted and reshaped.
  • Expand your understanding of social media and platforms that will reach a global audience and introduce your brand to a new generation.
  • Connect with your B2B media executive colleagues and a limited number of the most powerful industry suppliers (maximum – 12 sponsors ).  There will be no non-B2B Media attendees.

This is a collaborative event with a strong focus on meeting everyone’s needs and goals.



Register by November 11th and you will be a Charter Executive. You will receive the MediaGrowth Strategies follow-up program that is being developed and a discount on the Summit. There are no membership dues. Thank you for registering early to help us develop a Summit that will benefit all of us as a B2B community.   You may register online here or you may send a check made out to Simonsen Sales & Marketing, LLC, 12108 Lakeshore South, Auburn, CA 95602



“Collaboration through networking has always been the cornerstone of smart B2B professionals.  The speed of change… None of us have all the answers, but our collective experience leverages our ability to continue to grow our business.”   Ann O’Neill, SVP, Scranton Gillette



Maximize your ROI through win/win strategies that build a strong community of readers/users, advertisers, employees and suppliers. The success you give out will come back to you!
Core B2B Media Values

MediaGrowth Awards
Recognizing the most innovative and profitable integrated marketing programs sold by B2B Media companies to assist customers in meeting marketing goals. 

* Executives registered to attend MediaGrowth Executive Summit may nominate their team for the award. 

* Award finalists and winners will be chosen by MGES advisory board. 

* Nomination and judging process monitored by BPA Worldwide. 

* The application fee of $250 will be waived for MGES attendees who register for the Summit before November 11 

For more info and an application or to give input on MediaGrowth Executive Summit, contact Kathi Simonsen. 


“Success in B2B media is about building relationships at the upper levels and solving customers’ problems so they can grow their businesses…I’m thrilled to be involved.” Roscoe Smith, COO News RX, CEO VerusMed