MediaGrowth Excellorator

B2B media professionals have expressed an interest in a vehicle for discussing the new challenges created by the current business climate. We invite you to join your industry colleagues in monthly, one-hour virtual gatherings centered around current concerns and solutions – MediaGrowth Excellorator.


Each month, a topic of current B2B media interest will be presented for approximately 15 minutes by an industry expert on a video conferencing platform.

  • Stay connected to industry colleagues as business conditions rapidly develop.
  • Hear the latest thoughts on issues that other B2B media communities face.
  • Avoid the negative effects of isolation from your industry.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter and comment on the challenges and solutions raised.

  • Meet and interact with those on the front lines of media innovation.

Time will be provided for engagement between participants in a facilitated roundtable-type discussion.

  • Engage with the ideas of other successful industry innovators.
  • Test your ideas with feedback from others with the same challenges.
  • Hear about which strategies are working and which are not.
  • Develop on-going relationships that continue outside of MG Excellorator

Sessions will be recorded for review after the live event.

  • Use the sessions for discussions with your leadership team.
  • View a missed meeting.

A calendar of topics with projected monthly dates and times is below.

  • Participants are asked to suggest additional topics as issues arise during the year.
  • Dates and Topics are intended to be firm, but time-critical issues may be substituted to help your company pivot more quickly when necessary.

Calendar of Excellorator Monthly Topics:

July 1
New Product Innovations
July 24
Networking Remotely for Attendees and Sponsors of virtual events
August 26
Tech Platforms – Which ones have worked best?
September 16
The State of the Industry – Where are we today?
October 21
Returning to the Office – Remote vs. in-office pay management issues.
November 18
How to Restart Events with “safety precautions”.  Buyer/Seller Events.
December 16
A Path to Building a Data Business
January 27
Optimizing Your Digital Playbook
February 24
Intentional Conversion-Centered Content Programs
March 24
Maximize Assets in Editorial, Sales, Audience Development & Technology
April 28
The Future of B2B Media Transformation
May 26
Revenue Trends for Growth

Excellorator 12-month subscriptions are available for:

$1,200.00 for 12 sessions
$2,500.000 for 12 sessions

Members may attend all meetings or send a fellow employee in their place if date conflicts exist.

Contact Kathi at 530-268-4717,