MediaGrowth Excellorator

B2B media professionals have expressed an interest in a vehicle for discussing the new challenges created by the current business climate. We invite you to join your industry colleagues in monthly, one-hour virtual gatherings centered around current concerns and solutions – MediaGrowth Excellorator.


Each month, a topic of current B2B media interest will be presented for approximately 15 minutes by an industry expert on a video conferencing platform.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter and comment on the challenges and solutions raised.

Time will be provided for engagement between participants in a facilitated roundtable-type discussion.

Sessions will be recorded for review after the live event.

A calendar of topics with projected monthly dates and times is below.

Calendar of Excellorator Monthly Topics:

July 1
New Product Innovations
July 24
Networking Remotely for Attendees and Sponsors of virtual events
August 26
Tech Platforms – Which ones have worked best?
September 16
The State of the Industry – Where are we today?
October 21
Returning to the Office – Remote vs. in-office pay management issues.
November 18
How to Restart Events with “safety precautions”.  Buyer/Seller Events.
December 16
A Path to Building a Data Business
January 27
Optimizing Your Digital Playbook
February 24
Intentional Conversion-Centered Content Programs
March 24
Maximize Assets in Editorial, Sales, Audience Development & Technology
April 28
The Future of B2B Media Transformation
May 26
Revenue Trends for Growth

Excellorator 12-month subscriptions are available for:

$1,200.00 for 12 sessions
$2,500.000 for 12 sessions

Members may attend all meetings or send a fellow employee in their place if date conflicts exist.

Contact Kathi at 530-268-4717,