About Media Growth

Simonsen Sales & Marketing was established in 1991 as a sales training and management consulting company by Kathi Simonsen. In 2014 Kathi’s clients told her that there was a need for an executive conference that enabled B2B Media Innovators to have long-term success in the increasingly complex world of B2B Media. MediaGrowth Summit was born.   

Executives said there was a need for Councils that provided a long-term community to enable them to grow their business so the MediaGrowth Councils were established. Non-competing executives meet to discuss their challenges and strategies for navigating the transformation that is happening in B2B Media. 

She still develops productive sales forces as they sell increasingly complicated integrated media packages. She also does Talent Searches to find an excellent match for B2B Media companies based on their goals for the position. This is accomplished by using her extensive database and contacts from many years in the industry.   

Kathi’s background includes over 30 years in management, sales, training and management consulting roles in B2B Media.

Our Team

Core B2B Media Values

Serving readers/users with editorial integrity and the “separation of church and state” which builds sustainable audience trust and loyalty as well as long-term, consistent advertising revenue.

Providing advertisers quality audited circulation, research, metrics and innovative products. Becoming a Partner by focusing on clients’ long-term success. Create such high value that price is not an issue!

Creating a win/win work culture that attracts and retains the best talent while serving the needs of both experienced and new generation team members.

Turning suppliers into Partners that work with you to create a win for the entire community.

Building long-term, sustainable and profitable brands while ensuring the community’s on-going success.