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The Sustainability Expectation

James Hewes, CEO, FIPP

Speaking to a group of B2B media executives at a recent MediaGrowth presentation, James Hewes, CEO of FIPP, a leading international media trade association, touched on Sustainability as one of the five trending “Critical Enablers of Success” for media companies today (along with Talent & Culture, Diversity, Tech and 1st Party Data).

James drew attention to the fact that consumers have a default expectation about your business when it comes to sustainability.  They want you to actively demonstrate your sustainability credentials.  You should communicate in a clear way to show that you understand the footprint of your organization from one end to the other, and that you are working to reduce it.  And don’t just think about your print operations.  Your digital operations also have a footprint. 

Sustainability is and will continue to be a major factor in the way your company is seen and evaluated, especially by Gen Y and Z customers, audiences and employees.



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