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“Quick Tips for B2B Media Executives”

Dan Fink, Managing Director, Money-Media, spoke about knowledge, engagement and encouragement in a recent MediaGrowth Summit presentation.

That included ideas about creating content that is highly-valued by an audience, Dan mentioned a number of considerations. Here is one point we heard him make:

 Media Companies value and depend on content creators for their knowledge of the industry and their judgment when it comes to content that audiences consider high-value. Measuring reader engagement effectively — the volume that they consume, the frequency of their visits, the time they spend on a page, their willingness to pay for it – is the best way to demonstrate and develop the editor’s judgment.

 Dan said that Money-Media depends on its content creators to use their judgment, but also invests heavily in great tools to give them the metrics they need to hone their judgment and create the best content possible. “We’re giving them metrics every day to show them the engagement on what they produced yesterday. The responsibility for responding to the metrics belongs to the editors. I don’t talk to editors about metrics except to say, “Wow, big week!”, when I see that kind of report come in. I try to be a cheerleader when things are going well. But I want to make sure that editors are taking their responsibility to our audiences very seriously. We all have to be motivated to keep delivering the content that readers show us is highly-valued.”



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