The Sales Ascent – Next-level Partnership Selling

The Sales Ascent – Next-level Partnership Selling

Skills for Success in Publishing Sales

Steps to Success in Publishing Sales
Developing Customer Partnerships

In today’s rapidly changing world of advertising sales a salesperson must earn respect quickly. They must be perceived as a knowledgeable partner who is concerned about their client’s bottom line. This workshop will assist you to take your skills to the next level with proven steps for success.

Knowledge is Power
In-depth Knowledge of Industry, Marketing and Customer

Accessing Decision Makers

Earning the Right to be Heard
Top Down Selling
Presenting to Executives

Needs Identification: Key to Victory

Insightful Questions
Gaining a Deeper Understanding
Active Listening

Turn Features into Benefits and Results

Address Reader’s Needs; Present Advantages
Develop Powerful Benefit Statements
Present the ROI

Dancing with the Objections

Determine Real Objection
Become adept at turning objections into win/win solutions


Pulling it all together
Close on the next step
Ongoing Closing