Travis Hessman

Travis Hessmann

Audience Is King: Why Editors Are Your Most Valuable Assets

Content was king in the print era; advertisers were king in the early days of digital. But where are we today? How do we move past the short-term gains for survival and into long-term investment for sustainable growth? In this presentation, Travis Hessman will explore a new model to understand value and value creation in the modern B2B media industry, which places organic content and focused editors as the lead drivers for success.


Travis Hessman is the Vice President of Content at Endeavor Business Media. He began his career as an editorial intern at IndustryWeek in 2001 and has since carried multiple roles in the organization— including Associate Technology Editor at IndustryWeek, Chief Editor of New Equipment Digest, Chief Editor of IndustryWeek, and Editorial Director of the Manufacturing Group. Today, he combines this experience to help develop and empower editorial strategy, innovation and the pursuit of excellence across all of EBM’s 100 brands.