Rob Keenan

Rob Keenan

Preparing Your Tech Stack for Subscription Models

Are you looking to make the leap into the subscription business? Or are you looking to move your subscription business to the next level? In either case, the subscription model puts new challenges on the tech stack powering a media company. In this session, Robert Keenan, Adweek’s VP of Product Development will provide insights on considerations publishers should make when looking at their tech stack to support modern subscription businesses. Topics covered include:

• Choosing a subscription partner
• Supporting the subscription/marketing team
• Payment processing considerations
• Integrations with your third-party vendors
• Subscription management
• Reporting


Robert Keenan is the VP of Product Development at Adweek, where he leads a team of product and technology executives guiding Adweek’s digital platforms. Prior to joining Adweek, Robert operated Keenan Media, a digital consultancy focused on delivering business and technical guidance to media brands. He also served as the VP of Digital for Edgell Communications, where he transformed Edgell’s media brands to a leading digital organization. Robert has a BA  in Communication from the University of Scranton, was a founding member of the Chief Digital Officer Committee (CDOC), and has been a featured speaker at a number of media events. Robert can be reached at or at