Judi Carr

Judy Carr

Judi Carr is COO of Rodman Media Corp. , a NJ family owned business in existence since 1964.  Rodman Media has 65 employees, 10 print and digital titles, and growing. 

Rodman Media reaches 120 countries, has global reach and influences industry professional around the world.

Judi plays an instrumental role in refining and improving operational processes that keep Rodman Media progressing in this challenging business climate. Her day-to-day tasks include researching best pricing, contract negotiation, and overseeing progress and growth in all departments. Judi believes that encouraging employee communication and breaking apart departmental silos is the best recipe for the future growth of Rodman Media. 

With a background in accounting, her previous skillset with spending and income analysis has helped her foster a culture at Rodman that emphasizes teamwork and transparency. 

Judi’s ability to quickly recognize business needs and opportunities contributes to the continued growth at Rodman Media.  Judi strives to create synergies with new business partners keeping Rodman abreast in the constantly changing digital environment.