Tim Fixmer

Tim Fixmer

CEO of CCI Media

Tim Fixmer will speak on process management.Making the virtual environment work is a totally unique concept, one that requires conscious thought about breaking away from processes and procedures that we all have become accustomed to and that our teams are accustomed to, and revamping all procedures to accomplish the same objectives. If done successfully, the same team can move from a traditional office environment to a virtual environment and end up being 25-30% more productive than before the change.

There are also the economic factors: Savings on leasing of office space being the first and perhaps the largest. There are no office maintenance costs and lower insurance cost. The reductions in geographic limitations allows in great for hiring – you are free to hire anyone, anywhere. There are commuting cost savings for employees. The virtual environment allows for rapid growth.

Tim is a seasoned executive, a team builder who has launched, acquired, and grown more than 30 brands in print, digital, and event properties that serve specialized business segments. Prior to launching CCI Media, he held executive positions with VNU, Cygnus Business Media, IIR Publishing, Duke Communications, Johnson Hill Press, and Stamats Business Media. Tim’s professional strengths include strategic planning, competitive strategy, formation and management of partnerships and industry alliances, and executive training. As a turn-around specialist, he has built a solid track record delivering strong bottom-line results in record time. He is a strong communicator and deal-maker with proven negotiating skills. Tim formed CCI Media in 2010. It now publishes two magazines, produces four trade shows, several conferences, and offers a robust array of digital media products to educate and inform woodworking executives worldwide.