John Cappelletti

John Cappelletti

Chief Executive Officer, Putman Media

Increasing Revenue by Empowering Your People

Learn how one media company has had tremendous success by finding and retaining the best people long-term – they treat their people right.  In today’s world too many companies turn their people and suffer the consequences of the “brain drain”.   It’s much easier to sell marketers with salespeople and publishers who have a long history of knowing your brands and have long-term relationships with your customers.   Employees stay at Putman Media because they feel valued, they have opportunities to grow their career and they know that they will be supported in difficult times.  Hear how Putman Media increases its revenue by listening to its people, meeting their needs and providing an atmosphere where they can grow, learn and thrive long-term as they contribute their expertise to the company.

BIO – John Cappelletti owns 77 year old, privately owned Putman Media which is in seven major markets with multiple offerings in each.  John started at Putman over 30 years ago and has been involved in the launch of  Control, Control Design, Processing and Smart Industry. His aggressive move into digital media has resulted in this area of the business accounting for 40% of sales in 2016.  His greatest success is bringing together an exceptional team of talented and dedicated people who love media and are continually getting results for Putman’s audiences and clients.   Average tenure is about eight years, a testament to good management in tumultuous times.