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MediaGrowth Summit

A conference created for B2B media executives of all levels. May 29 – 31, 2019, Chicago. Themes are “Leadership Integrating Innovations” and “Embracing New Ideas to Generate Growth” 

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MediaGrowth Executive Strategies

B2B Media executive councils – Groups of 7-10 executives developing strategies, ideas and best practices. Creating a solid community of executives that enable each of their businesses to thrive in constant change.

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MediaGrowth Customized Research

Research Studies that prove the Power of B2B Media print, digital and event products.   Create an advantage against technology competitors with sales tools that increase revenue.  Research segmented by demographics.

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MediaGrowth Training Partnership Selling

One-on-one, twelve-week coaching sessions focused on selling 10 key accounts.   Enabling sales and sales management to create B2B Media growth.  Give your customers success, and that success will come back to you.  

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MGES Chicago, May 29 - 31, 2019

at the 4 Star Elegant Loews O’Hare Suites Hotel.

What B2B Media Executives are saying...

“MediaGrowth Summit ’18 was well worth the time. Creating an environment to rapidly share platform ideas, backend technology game-changers, and innovative product models is always extremely valuable. Kathi and her team did a good job in building a format and forum for that ideation to happen. I always measure an event’s value by the number […]

Ron Spink

President, Design Group - Hanley Wood

“The MediaGrowth Summit ’18 truly helped me look at my business in a new way. The education and round-tables were on point and the networking was fantastic.”

Tagg Henderson

Co-CEO - BNP Media

“The MGES was time well invested by our team. I don’t attend many media industry events. The discussions and presentations were thought provoking and provided some solid ideas. The networking was great, I got to meet with other industry leaders facing similar challenges. I plan to participate in the future.”

Jim Keefe

EVP/Group Publisher - GIE Media

“The 2017 MediaGrowth Summit followed on the inaugural event with solid presentations on content marketing and sales growth ideas that I can take back to my teams. The networking with like-minded B2B executives continues to be a key benefit as well. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.”

Peter Stamats

COO - Stamats

“Quality, thought provoking sessions from leaders including Ty Bobit, Paul Tourbaf and Peter Stamats to name a few. Plus valuable networking time with old friends and good new contacts. Only Kathi, with her three decades of experience and track record could pull this off. Well done Kathi and see you next year!”

John Cappelletti

CEO/President - Putman Media

“The MediaGrowth Summit was the best publishing event I have personally been to in the last several years. I left with multiple ideas I can apply to my business now, and made many new contacts with other media CEO’s I had never met before. I’m looking forward to coming back next year.”

Roscoe Smith

CEO - VerusMed and 24/Seven

“My 3 days at MediaGrowth Summit proved an interactive experience that provided valuable information from, and engaging conversation with, industry peers.  It provided an opportunity to get fresh perspectives from seasoned media professionals and stakeholders on the current challenges and future potential for B2B media in a platform agnostic world.”  

Ann O’Neill

SVP/HR - Scranton Gillette/SGC Horizons

“The value of MGES lies in the powerful network of B-B executives who are willing to share their successes & failures that everyone can learn from. I have been challenged by the thought leaders at MGES and in my council to make decisions that positively impacted the growth of our organization. Shared knowledge and experiences […]

Elizabeth Green

CEO/Founder - Brief Media

Time is the most precious commodity we have today. The Media Growth Executive Summit is worth your time.

Chris Foster

CEO - GIE Media

“The MGES was a great success. I rarely attend media conferences but MGES delivered on its promise of connecting leading B-to-B media execs in an environment to share ideas and solutions.  I plan to attend again next year.”

Paul Tourbaf

Group President - Hanley Wood

“Fantastic event! Full of useful sessions and time to network with other publishing executives. I came in with questions and left with answers.”

“MGES is the only media conference I attend every year. It is the gathering place for leaders, innovators and those looking to drive our industry forward. I walked away with applicable ideas that will grow our revenue and create new opportunities for our brands. Kathi has created a uniquely valuable environment for learning and I […]

Eric Bearly

Publisher - Bobit Business Media

“The meeting reinforced the idea that content and audience quality are the keys to successful media companies.  Most enlightening to me was the diverse and creative ways other publishers were applying technology to enable them to assure their success.”

Rick Kline

Chairman and CEO - Gardner Business Media

“The Media Summit was a great experience for me and my team. We came away with a number of useful and actionable ideas to help us grow and position for the future. Excellent value for the time and money. See you next year!”

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