Content Success

Content Success

MediaGrowth Thought Leader: Case Study

Christoph Trappe, Content Engagement Director, Stamats Business Media

Stamats Business Media has three established B2B brands that have published magazines for decades. With the ever-changing media landscape, the company decided to reorganize the content teams within the organization.

MediaGrowth:  How did you integrate and align 3 B2B editorial teams for better content success?

Christoph:   The teams now are part of a new content division, and editor-in-chiefs –as well as their teams — have regular meetings to brainstorm, share ideas and re-purpose content across the publications.

MG:  How does the collaboration of your content teams help produce content together?

Christoph:  Many stories have different angles for the different audiences. For example, a Meetings Today writer was in Puerto Rico to cover the recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria as it impacts the event industry. At the same time, she filed related stories to Interiors + Sources that are of interest to designers as well. Another story on solar panels at the convention center in Puerto Rico also ran in Buildings.

MG:  How do you use data to make decisions on a daily basis? 

Christoph:  The teams constantly review performance metrics to decide what content gets read and what content doesn’t. They then decide on future content creation based on what is learned.

MG:  How do the 3 brands produce content together, share it and re-purpose it? 

Christoph:  The teams keep other audiences in mind as they are gathering content and then share it across. The editorial teams also have a shared digital team that keeps an eye out for stories that could be used on other brand channels.

MG: Thanks Christoph!

We look forward to more profitable ideas from Christoph Trappe at MediaGrowth Summit 2019!

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Kathi Simonsen