Ron Spink

Ron Spink

President, Design Group, Hanley Wood

Ron Spink serves as the President of the Design Group of brands at Hanley Wood. In this capacity, Ron leads the business management and strategic development of ARCHITECT (the official journal of the American Institute of Architects), Residential Architect and Architectural Lighting as a senior member of Hanley Wood’s executive team.

Since joining Hanley Wood over a decade ago, Ron has successfully led the growth of integrated media solutions and analytic assessment in both the residential and commercial construction markets. Prior to his current work around the commercial design sector, Ron was Executive Vice President of the residential remodeling and replacement group at Hanley Wood – leading Remodeling, the Journal of Light Construction, and Replacement Contractor. In these roles, Ron has been a featured speaker for countless building product manufacturer and construction industry events, while also serving as a two-time member of the board of directors for the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI).

Ron is a recognized national & international B2B media industry expert as well, having served in senior management & executive positions with Crain Communications, Workforce Management and BPA Worldwide over the past 25 years. He has been interviewed and published numerous times in Folio:, Advertising Age, Min’s New Media and Min’s Magazine, while teaching and mentoring at several new media & publishing association programs and seminar events.

Ron currently resides in Virginia with his wife and two children, working out of Hanley Wood’s Washington, DC headquarters.