Tara May

Tara May

Why Running a Media Company is so Darn Hard and How Recurring Revenue Can Help

Running a successful media business in 2022 is no easy feat. You’re teaching a team to move at the pace of digital. Your competition isn’t just other media organizations. The cost of doing business is high and complex. Let’s talk about how a recurring revenue model allows you to put audience at the forefront of your strategy and can create a new path forward.


In April of this year, Tara May joined Aspiritech, as Chief Executive Officer.  Aspiritech is a world-class data services and software QA testing company that empowers individuals on the autism spectrum to fulfill their potential through meaningful employment combined with social opportunity.

Prior to Aspiritech, Tara was EVP of Media & Chief Digital Officer at Winsight. Tara’s career is sighted on audience-focused digital transformation that drives revenue. At Winsight, she led teams of journalists, digital producers and developers to create optimal user experiences online and offline with a focus on data-driven decisions and proven results.  Prior to Winsight, Tara was VP of Content and Product Strategy for Patch Media. She helped launch 900 hyperlocal sites for the AOL network as well as a digital reverse-published local news product for the Chicago Tribune.