Sue Boehlke

Sue Boehlke, President, Infrastructure Intelligence, Informa

Path to Building a Data Business

The difference between running a media business and running a data business is a lot like the difference between running a zoo and an aquarium. There are similarities, but the operations are completely different, requiring different talent, processes, technologies and strategies.

Sue Boehlke will talk about her experiences in transforming a media company into a data company and two different product models that can be employed. The first monetizes data by moving from a numbers approach (x people viewing, y click throughs…) to a knowledge approach that captures deep insights about an audience to create more targeted campaigns for customers. The second model involves supplying data (e.g. forecasts, insights, market information) that are relevant to audience members? needs on a subscription basis. Data used to produce content such as a ?Top 100? feature can be unlocked into an analytical product that ?flips the model? and monetizes from users instead of from marketing customers. These are the next steps in the evolution from media to marketing solutions.


Sue Boehlke is President of Transportation and Industry Intelligence for Informa.  Prior to being at Informa she was Ground Transportation Market Leader for Penton.  She is a High energy leader with a track record of results and value creation for investors, customers, and colleagues in established corporate environments as well as entrepreneurial and “intrapreneurial” opportunities. Key strengths are developing and executing strategy to deliver results for early stage and high growth technology and digital companies, high impact change initiatives.