Heather Farley

Heather Farley

New Recurring Revenue Stream

Heather will share ways that Access Intelligence develops new and innovative revenue streams to respond to the constant changes in today’s business climate.


Heather Farley is Chief Operating Officer at Access Intelligence.  She is a senior level operating executive responsible for overseeing the operations and strategic direction across AI’s portfolio. She works closely with her division leaders to identify, acquire and integrate synergistic businesses as well as create strong organic growth through new product launches. Additionally, as a member of Access Intelligence’s Board of Directors, Heather plays an integral role in ensuring that the vision and mission of AI’s core strategic initiatives are successfully executed across all operating units.

Heather is a recognized leader in the b2b community.  In her tenure at AI, Heather has worked on more than a dozen acquisitions and countless product launches. Her expertise in both direct marketing and paid content have been instrumental in the company’s dynamic transition from a traditional b2b media provider to an integrated global media platform company comprised primarily of face-to-face events and online members-based communities.

Prior to Access Intelligence, Heather was a senior vice president and group publisher with Phillips Publishing International, where she began her publishing career in 1988.