Dan Fink

Dan Fink

Practical Steps to Grow Revenue From Readers

Publishers across the spectrum are diversifying their business by adding reader revenue streams. Whether you’re just getting started or already on the path, the practical steps outlined in this session will help you accelerate subscription growth with proven steps to optimize your subscription offer, raise conversion rates, and maximize renewals.


Dan Fink oversees Money-Media Inc., which was acquired by the Financial Times in January 2008. Money-Media is a native digital publisher with over 120 staff, ten news services, and operations on three continents. Money-Media sits within FT Specialist, the Financial Times’ specialist publishing division and publishes premium news across multiple industries.

Dan has almost 25 years of experience building subscription businesses at Reuters and FT Specialist. He currently oversees a subscription base worth tens of millions of dollars that is growing at a double-digit rate.

Dan is a member of the FT’s senior management group, is the chairman of the FT’s 401k investment committee, and was elected to the board of directors for the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). Dan earned an MBA at Indiana University and was a national champion gymnast.