All Star Coaching

All Star Coaching

Developing Peak Performances

Module / Week One
Next-Level Management Skills
Assessment of Your Management Style Strengths and Challenges
Development of a Next-Level Plan
Module / Week Two
Earning Respect
Management, Customers, Employees
Leadership Qualities and Actions
The 999+ Skills Needed
Module / Week Three
Communicating the Vision
Company Values – Mission Statement
Your Goals for the Team
Definitions of Success – Expectations
Module / Week Four
Leading by Example
Keeping Sales Skills Sharp & Current
Knowing Key Accounts
Understanding Industry Trends
Sales and Publishing Changes
Module / Week Five
Coaching & Counseling
Clarifying Expectations
Top Ten Summaries – Accountability
Territory Reviews – Top 25
Evaluation and Recognition
Module / Week Six
The Five Motivators
The Six De-movivators
Passing on the Passion
Module / Week Seven
Next-Level Skills
Maximizing Salespeople’s Strengths
Minimizing Their Weaknesses
The Next Level for Each of Your Group
Action Plans
Module / Week Eight
Sales Development Plan
Salespeople’s Growth Objectives
Plan to Develop Needed Skills
Implementing each Plan Consistently
Module / Week Nine
Recruiting the Right People
Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses
Interviewing and Verifying
Module / Week Ten
Mentoring – the Lost Art
Full-Circle Leadership
Recognizing the Gold
Passing on the Magic
Module / Week Eleven
Time Management
Time-Expanding Principles
Planning, Prioritizing and Controlling
Staying on Plan
Juggling Your Jugglers
Module / Week Twelve
Inner Power That Makes It Happen
Managing the Storms
Building Inner Reserves
Managing U

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