Mediagrowth Research

Research that Establishes the Value of B2B Media

After exploring the demand for, and feasibility of conducting a syndicated study of “the Power of B2B Media” across a number of industries, Simonsen Sales & Marketing and Roscoe Smith have completed the research. 

Each participating media company was asked to email the survey link with a prepared instruction message to their audience list.  A second reminder email to non-responders was required to achieve a viable response. Survey results were then tabulated and an extensive executive report written containing tables and charts of each media company’s results with comparisons to the aggregate results.  That is to say that there was a report per brand of how each audience responded which can be used as a benchmark to evaluate your individual audiences. 

All of the services offered by SS&M are intended to bring the B2B media community together to address challenges that are best approached by working together.  The results will be discussed at MediaGrowth Summit 2017, but only the companies that participate will receive the reports..

We are excited to be a part of a study that shed light on the value of B2B media services to its customers.