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BPA Worldwide - Glenn Hansen, President/CEO, Linda Petersell, VP, Business Development ( 203-44 7-2801)

BPA Worldwide, owned by media, advertisers and agencies, has announced the launch of an audited quality B2B Private Market Place for online advertising for its members. See us at MGES to learn more. BPA has been providing assurance and accountability for 80+ years in more than 30 countries. As a leading provider of compliance and assurance services, BPA protects brands from the risks of unsupportable claims, failure to protect confidential customer data, keeping company with lesser brands or letting the brand be seen in offensive, off-brand or dishonest content.

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Performedia – Peter Hackes, CEO (703) 578-4638 and Matt McNevin

Performedia is a leading event webcasting and video production company. We webcast sessions live and on demand, register and track users, create event promo videos, and more, all as a turnkey service. We are also highly focused on revenue generation from online event content, with solutions such as pay-to-view, exhibitor booth demos, ad insertion and more to help cover the cost of extending your event to a web audience. Clients such as UBM, 1105 Media, CQ Roll Call and others use Performedia to make their show content work harder and reach the audience that can’t be there in person.

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Media Services Group - Ted Thomason, Marketing Manager and Andy Scott, VP/Sales (800) 234-4674

Media Services Group, a Newscycle Solutions company, provides Élan software, a cloud-based solution built to help media businesses package, sell, deliver and bill: digital advertising, print advertising, newsletters, sponsorships, events and custom content. Élan software is used by hundreds of media companies and thousands of industry professionals around the world.

Newscycle Solutions is a leading provider of content management, circulation/audience, advertising, mobile and cloud-hosting software technologies for the media industry.

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Media Radar - Todd Krizelman, Co-founder & CEO, Howard Schecter, Director of Sales (855)RADAR.88

MediaRadar revolutionizes the way ad sales teams do business. This innovative SaaS tool streamlines communication, delivers advanced analytics, and quickly identifies new business opportunities. Through a customized intuitive dashboard, clients easily view analytics and actionable advertising insights for over 2.6 million brands. Instantly receive insights that combine TV and print with digital analysis, including new ad formats like online video, mobile, and native. MediaRadar can also pinpoint new business and determine revenue potential. It also helps sales reps plan their pipeline and prioritize the most important points to pitch. This amazing service eliminates the guesswork, so ad execs can focus their time pitching. MediaRadar is a cross-platform solution that is constantly innovating with the ad tech landscape. No longer is it necessary to piece together information from multiple tech products to build a pitch; ad teams can get all their information with ONE tool.

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Stamats Data Management - Kim Leonard, VP Information Systems, Melissa Chapman, 319-364-6167 SDM Accounts Manager

Our integrated unduplicated data management system (SDM) provides a solution you can rely on to identify all the touch points of your audience in one unified view. The professionals at Stamats fully understand how to assess, analyze, and deliver audience customer solutions incorporating multiple products on multiple platforms, and tracking engagement of individuals across all products and media channels associated with your brand.

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Publication Printers - Danny Pacheco and Rick Capezzuto, Sales Managers (303)936.0303

At Publication Printers, our reputation for excellence has made us one of the most trusted web printers in the United States.  We provide superior quality printing on any size project, from glossy national magazines to postcard mailings.  Day after day, we deliver proven expertise and unparalleled service to our clients, as we have for over 35 years. 

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Blue Conic - Patrick Crane, Account Executive, (617) 366-2667

BlueConic is the world’s simplest and most accessible customer data platform, built for marketers to harness the data required to power the recognition of an individuFFal at each interaction, and then synchronize their intent across the marketing ecosystem. BlueConic was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in Boston with offices in Europe. More than 200 brands leverage the platform to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions, and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue, including Hearst Communications, The Boston Globe, Winsight Media, Bobit Business Media, Kiplinger, and WATT Global Media.

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Lester - Rajiv Samant, CEO - Lisa Pistilli, VP/Business Development (610) 275-6274

Monitor, Discover, Grow (MDG) – Lester’s data-as-a-service solution leverage social media to boost performance of B2B marketing campaigns. MDG is a proven solution that increases audience retention by 3-to-5 percent and reduces audience acquisition cost by 15-to-20%. MDG uses social media intelligence to automatically fix B2B data obsolescence that negatively impacts B2B audience marketing. More than 25 leading B2B companies have successfully deployed MDG. The use cases include event attendee registration, magazine & newsletter subscriber acquisition, association membership development, marketing automation audience reengagement and other such applications. Lester, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated marketing services to B2B Media, Associations, Event Management, and Non-Profit sectors.

Web Site - Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO, Joe Lagani - President, Sales & Business Development - (917) 913-2969

Pioneers since 2012 in automation of traditional advertising transactions (print – outdoor – radio – TV), has started the first private market place for offline media, accessible via direct purchase or via audience targeting. Adwanted has used the learning from the online media world to benefit offline media companies. We enable the buying/selling of legacy media while retaining the traditional relationships that have been established. We offer the market a transparent, user friendly, cost-effective and time saving tool, which can now operate sales in more than 20 countries. … AND ADWANTED GROUP? Created as a start-up, Adwanted is driven by a team of experimented leaders based in Paris, Madrid and New York coming from major media operators and agencies. Adwanted Group is a player in the publishing industry since 1999 in Europe, America and Asia, through its different companies. Audience Media and Affinity Media are rep firms, representing 50 international media on the European market. Carthage is a media-planning software company, leading the French market and now expanding in North America.

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MagHub - Zach Gilbert
 is Director of Marketing, Nick Pataro is Vice President of Sales - (734) 224-9465

MagHub is a cloud-based CRM and publishing workflow system with an intuitive interface that’s easy to deploy, use, and manage. Minimize costs and increase efficiency with all the tools to run your business in one solution, including: CRM, issue layout & production, reporting, project management, customer portals, and more.

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TKLi - Sherri Jones - President - (972) 370-7878 x211

TKLi has provided B2B Digital Advertising Services since 1998, and specifically developed LeadFEED for B2B Publishers to monetize online forms and web-based registration paths.

 LeadFEED is a turnkey advertising platform that generates high quality opt-in leads for valued advertisers, complementing existing advertising initiatives and platforms. LeadFEED essentially functions as a combined display ad and landing page. Along with customizable, qualifying parameters to further refine leads, each lead delivers a personalized contact record. Supplemental revenue is easily gained from actively engaged site visitors.

 Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TKLi’s proprietary tools, technology, software, and methodologies are developed in-house, serving digital marketing needs for Enterprise and SMB organizations.

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LaunchPad Media Management - Kelley Sparkman and George Sparkman - (214) 969-7300 x121

LaunchPad Media Management is a web-based, fully-integrated software suite designed exclusively to meet the needs of publishers and media companies. Founded in 2004, the LaunchPad idea was created by George Sparkman after he became Chief Operating Officer of a nationwide media company. Recognizing the needs of his sales team, he originally developed LaunchPad as a CRM but soon began integrating other systems unique to the publishing industry, increasing efficiency and dramatically lowering expenses. George and his partner Kelley began selling LaunchPad Media Management as a full SaaS solution in 2005 and it now integrates with some of the top applications used by publishers today. For more information and to request a demonstration

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Omeda – Aaron Oberman, CEO and James Capo, CRO - (312) 312-2005

Omeda is the leading Audience Relationship Management platform allowing you to acquire, unify, manage, & activate your audience. Through our integrated data management, email, and CDP platform, Omeda provides a real-time and actionable view of your audience that is designed to drive revenue and innovation. Get started now & partner with the leading audience platform for media professionals.

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