Rick Kline, Jr.

Rick Kline, Jr.

President – Gardner Business Media, Inc.

Leveraging Integrated Media to Promote Your Own Brand
Case Study – IMTS 2018/Modern Machine Shop

Gardner Business Media celebrated its 90th anniversary in June of 2018.  Utilizing a cross-media promotional campaign, Gardner was able to build community, reaffirm brand relevance, and generate verifiable data to support sales and marketing efforts.
In this case study, Print, Event, Installation, Art, Social and Digital Storytelling came together to give us a greater understanding and appreciation of traditional media, the talents of our people and the power of digital platforms to build a verifiable and monetizable digital presence.  These lessons have made our sales force more confident in selling all media options… and given us information we can take to our customers to help them replicate our successes.

About Rick Kline Jr.

Rick Kline Jr. is president and fourth-generation co-owner of Gardner Business Media.  After receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from DePauw University, Rick began his career with Gardner as Market Research Manager, a position he leveraged to fuel a 12-year sales career and eventually earn the role of Group Publisher of several of Gardner’s brands, including Plastics Technology, CompositesWorld, Automotive Design & Production and Products Finishing. Promoted to President in 2015, he brings to the role a unique perspective that combines financial acumen with multimedia expertise. He has deep knowledge of the functions and purchasing trends of U.S. OEMs and the manufacturing supply chain, as well as expansive global relationships, having travelled extensively to Asia and Europe.