Cyndy Drummey

Cyndy Drummey

VP/COO of Bobit Business Media

The Modern Multi-Platform Editor

It can be a challenge to get editors to think in terms of new product development by using their deep industry knowledge,  strong relationships to key players, and keen sense of readers’ businesses.  Many editors are still challenged by the platform balance that must be struck between the job they used to do and the one they now need to do.  They can be instrumental in creating tools (and products) that help us deepen the data on our readers. Editors can be uniquely qualified to participate in new product development because of their industry involvement, their content development skills, and their technical expertise. The trick is: How do you get them to buy in?

How do you get editorial teams to think differently? How do you harness their relationships? How do you incentivize them?

About Cyndy Drummey:

Cyndy Drummey started in editorial 28 years ago and worked her way up the ranks. She now conducts editorial training at Bobit, with a heavy emphasis on digital skills building. Cyndy also supervises Bobit’s web team, creative services, and audience development. She has been on the board of Western Publishers Association, is a Scrum certified product owner, and is IAB certified in digital ad sales.