“I learned a lot in this course and I feel more prepared to sell now then I ever have.  I really enjoyed the modules and picking up pointers from each chapter.  I give the course a 10!  Thank you Kathi! 
James Boddicker, Marketing Specialist, Sosland Publishing

Personalization to my needs and goals as higher ups see them as especially helpful – even just knowing what those goals are is helpful.  Really enjoyed the book and see myself re-reading it throughout the year.  Great the the book and CDs went together.  Liked that the course was catered specifically to magazine ad sales.  I will use the skills and ideas learned throughout the course for future sals.  Was able to get higher up within a lot of my clients’ companies  I rate the course a 10.”
Anna Barba, Sales, National Business Media

“Excellent review of Partnership Selling with new tools on maintaining and adding new clients. Great tips on time management. Love the course. 10+”
—Christina Montgomery, 12 year sales veteran, National Business Media

“This course has been very beneficial. Throughout the course, I have been able to make sales with a couple companies that I thought was impossible. The knowledge that Kathi has shared with me will forever help me reach my goals here at NBM, I give the course a 10!”
—Desiree Delfrari, Sales, National Business Media

“This was a great program, very informative/educational. It really opened my eyes to several things that can easily be overlooked, such as getting the confidence to not be afraid to reach out to the CEOs, keeping a list of realistic dates to help achieve a goal, time management is everything!. I learned to provide clients with programs that truly fits their needs, to not talk at them, but talk with them, communicate and that LISTENING is key! Thanks for helping me become a better sales manager!”
—Chelsea Elbert, Account Services Manager, Brief Media

“I highly recommend Kathi and her sales training course (s). I thoroughly enjoyed this training course. It helped me move to the next level in learning to understand and effectively communicate with my clients and prospects. I was stuck in a bit of a rut, and this class pushed me to really learn more about my clients, learn better questions to ask, and find better ways of responding to objections. This course has also helped me gain more confidence, which is essential in sales. I have learned a lot of new ideas and methods for managing my time, learned how to keep a good attitude despite tough days, and gained a new perspective in sales. I feel more motivated and ready to take on the challenges I encounter every day. Kathi has been very supportive and non-judgmental as we work through my struggles together. The book and CD were very helpful, easy to read and listen to, and interesting and relevant. I enjoy my job even more now and have made more sales thanks to your guidance. I will miss this class! Thank you so much, Kathi!” I gave the course a 10!
—Shanna Rowley, Regional Sales Manager, National Business Media

“I honestly can say that the program, materials, and format for learning were very helpful to me. Because it was based on a trade, b2b, and publishing media as a whole; it was a perfect balance of skills, information, motivation, and challenges for me to learn as a sales person in this field. After the class, I will continue to reference the quality learning materials. The 12 week pace was excellent, with the meetings by phone once a week. I would recommend this course to other’s who are selling like me. The materials were interesting and relative to what I am doing. Kathi, you have been an excellent teacher and I looked forward to each week working with you on our phone conversation. I am thankful for the opportunity. I give the course a 10!“
—Ryan Wolf, Regional Sales Manager, National Business Media

“Kathi Simonsen’s care in her coaching points only toward success – spanning beyond the conversations and contracts. Her work with me will affect the future of my standing in the publishing industry. Her material is full of wisdom nuggets that, I’m confident, will play out over the course of my career in marketing sales. I appreciate Kathi’s personable approach. She is flexible, patient, and honest. I know my work with her will be no less than beneficial.” – I gave the course a 10!
—Za Farley, Regional Sales Manager, Bobit Business Media

“Josh just went over $100,000 for one issue…it’s the most we’ve had from a single sales person in one issue…a huge victory. …clearly the one-on-one training you conducted gave him skills, disciplines and guidance… It’s only May, and he’s over his annual budget already! Feedback from the company-wide sales training you provided has also been positive…They are going forth into the market with a stronger slate of ideas to help them be successful. Your training has helped, Kathi! You provided solid sales tools our people can use every day.”
—Mike Martin, President, Cygnus Business Media

“Kathi, not only helped us exceed our sales goals she was instrumental in our shift to a greater digital sales focus. What has impressed me with Kathi the most is that in each business exchange she has added to her “Tool Kit” of knowledge, and with that increased knowledge has increased her value to me as a client. She is caring, witty, and most of all highly engaged. What a pleasure it is to know her and recommend her.”
—Greg Gill, Vice President, Group Publisher, Haymarket Media

“Thank you for your excellent work on our media kit. You helped us to spotlight the significant strengths of our magazine which positioned us to obtain more advertising sales. You worked well with our staff and helped everyone to focus on our “gold”. We are very pleased with the results that the media kit has produced.”
—Jim McCullaugh, Publisher, American Cinematographer

“Kathi is a true sales professional. I’ve been through her training and also have hired her to train staff. She has a program to address any ad sales training challenge and even has a distance learning option to help customers stay within budget. Well worth the investment.”
—Tom Borsellino, Ad Director, CMP

“Kathi was hired by one of my publishers to help us re-position our print property and to enter the new world of digital media. I learned a great deal from Kathi, and was reminded of key selling strategies that will help me to navigate through the very new waters ahead. It was a wonderful experience.”
—Steve Loerch, Didier & Broderick

“Kathi’s expertise at sales training was valuable to our sales team at Shore-Varrone. In today’s market, with the need for salespeople to match the growing complexity of client needs with the ever evolving array of product offerings (and to sometimes create new ones), such training is more important than ever.”
—Doug Shore, Owner, Shore Varrone

“I continue to benefit from Kathi’s one-on-one distance training years later; she provides indispensable training on and insight into essential fundamentals not just of sales, but of understanding industries. I not only benefit from her guidance in publishing but in many other areas as well…. Kathi is a fantastic resource and a person of unquestionable integrity. I not only recommend her most highly and without reservation, but I am proud to know her as well.”
—Jeannie Sanke, Sales Executive, Laurin Publishing

“Over the years, Kathi has coached some of my most successful sales managers and reps. In that regard, I’ve benefited from her sales acumen and sales trouble-shooting skills. Working with Kathi on the WPA Board of Directors, I’ve been impressed with both her market insights and her tireless service to our business community.”
—David Kalman, President, Terrella Media, Inc.

“Kathi wrote the content for a website I was charged with creating. Kathi’s knowledge of the industry and her writing ability worked together to make the content extremely effective. The website won national recognition for its excellence.”
—Nora Akins, VP, Foster Reprints

“Thank you Kathi! Your Sales & Marketing courses really helped boost my numbers. My sales are at an entirely new level now.
—Genevieve Firestone, Senior Account Executive, Comstock’s magazines

“Your work with our salespeople over the last seven years has been outstanding…we use the skills and principles daily… Thanks to the quality of your programs and your continuing interest in the success of our business, it’s clear that you practice exactly what you teach.”
—David Dover, Associate Publisher, Laurin Publishing

“Kathi Simonsen provides consistently valuable insights and advice about the value of ‘partnership selling’ in an increasingly competitive b-to-b marketplace. Her approach to publishing sales resonates with our customers and staff alike… Kathi is the consummate sales professional who understands what it takes to meet and exceed her customers’ expectations.”
—Dan Moreland, Executive VP/Publisher, GIE Media

“Kathi: Thank you for the great workshop you conducted for our sales staff last week. Your ability to tailor the program to our particular needs was most beneficial. The staff has gained a great deal of respect for you as an instructor and motivator. We will use your book in our monthly sales meeting.”
—Scott Bong, Ad Director, Kalmbach Publishing Co

“I’ve benefited greatly from the Partnership Selling Program. I enjoyed working with you one-on-one in our weekly conversations… I know I am better prepared to become a successful sales person. Thank you for your insight and guidance during the course.”
—Sue Snyder, Sales, Watt Publishing

“…You gave me better confidence in my techniques and myself. Working with you one on one let me lay out my concerns and questions and find the best way… Your tapes helped me to ask the appropriate questions to decipher needs and goals and be more of a consultant… I recommend your services to anyone who would like to increase their sales, become more involved in their industry and enjoy their work. Thank you.”
—Emily Howard, Publisher, Douglas Publications