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Return on Performance

Tara May  CEO, Aspiritech Formerly EVP, Winsight (at the time of her presentation)

In her second appearance as a presenter at MediaGrowth Summit, Tara, when she was EVP at Winsight, shared a number of ways that her media team made up for the decline in traditional advertising by turning the model into recurring revenue; programs that were renewable, that wouldn’t have to be redesigned and sold over and over again. 

 One of these recurring revenue models they called Return on Performance.  Rather than selling a package, or website placement or share of voice, Winsight sold the outcome that the client was trying to achieve. 

 Whether the client was interested in an awareness campaign to reach people with impressions or trying to drive targeted visitors to their website or looking at individuals’ interests/behaviors, Winsight sold them those results, right up front.    

Then, the media team decided what tactics and digital strategies would bring about the promised results and executed on those strategies until the results were achieved. When the results were achieved (Tara could remember only two that were not), the client was offered the opportunity to renew.

 Winsight had so many clients interested in this type of program that they shifted from about 60% advertising and email buys to about 60% performance buys within one year.



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