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Reimagining Must-Attend Events

Steve Corrick, Chief Executive Officer Americas, Comexposium

Steve Corrick leads the Americas subsidiary of Comexposium, a global events company which organizes over 150 events in 22 countries covering more than 10 sectors of activity from agriculture and construction to fashion and leisure. Here are a few insights on Reimagining Must-Attend Events that Steve shared at MediaGrowth Executive Summit last month.

  • According to industry surveys, before the pandemic, attendees participated in 4.3 events per year on average. Today, that number is 3.4 per year. As a result, conference organizers and sponsors are facing more competition for less attendee face time. This number will go up or down depending on organizer innovation and marketing.
  • Comexposium’s stated purpose is to create valuable experiences for industry participants and sponsors; connecting buyers and sellers, providing continuing education credits, enabling participants to expand their professional networks…
  • In addition to value, memorable experiences are more important than ever to attract new and returning participants.
  • Venue pricing has increased significantly. Controlling the cost of valuable and memorable experiences is critical. Event partnerships are helping to increase profit margins.
  • Events needed to be reimagined even before COVID hit the industry. Audience expectations are constantly changing and organizers must stay closer to them to respond to desires and demands (especially of the latest generation in the workforce).
  • It’s all about content. How do we use data to individualize content and drive more meaningful experiences for participants?
  • Special, additional cost experiences (personal contact with well-known industry leaders or celebrities…) are selling at higher profit, while regular admission passes remain flat.
  • Comexposium’s in-person attendees rank networking as the #1 draw. If this is your event’s goal, lead with it in your marketing and thread it through your entire event.
  • We are now marketing to a new generation of digital natives. Learn their values and speak their language. Terms like “tradeshow” are perceived as old-fashioned.

Thank you, Steve!



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