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Artificial Intelligence for B2B Media: More time for innovation

Sebastian Mayeres, CEO, knk Publishing Software

We need to go faster to digitize products that are not digitized yet.

In a recent MediaGrowth webinar, Sebastian Mayeres, CEO of knk Publishing Software, made the case for B2B media companies, large and small, to embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence for improving processes and freeing up their team members’ time for more creative tasks.

Sebastian outlined a number of areas where AI can be put to use: 

content creation, automated customer service, conversational commerce, fact checking, content recommendation/personalization, sales volume prediction, text analysis and speech recognition, to name just a few.  

AI can answer questions like:
     • Which content is currently relevant for my target group?
     • Which content should we promote and through which channels?
     • Can we automate communication with potential customers?
     • What product combinations sell particularly well?
     • Which media services and which products are best suited to respective customers?

Sebastian gave examples of how data can be turned into stories that are relevant to very niched audiences, quickly and cheaply through “Robojournalism” AI systems.  He showed how the Washington Post, Forbes and the Associated Press have used systems like Heliograf and Bertie to convert “data” into stories which dramatically increased the number of articles written, reduced the number of errors made and gave their journalists up to 20% more time for other significant work.  

It used to be that only large companies could build or purchase AI, but now very good tools are available for small companies to build apps to improve their processes.  

Sebastian encourages all publishers to check out the positive changes that AI systems offer them and quotes Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”



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