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Adventures in Structured Networking

Chris Keating
Group President, Winsight Media

At MediaGrowth Summit 20/20 Chris Keating will share how Winsight’s Trade Show, Conferences and Small Events keep Sponsors coming back.
Your conference was a success! Numerous attendees of the right quality, great content, busy show floor, and spot-on production. And you have a 75% renewal rate. Yay!
But wait – why did 25% of exhibitors/sponsors say “No thanks” to next year. The most common answer: we didn’t meet the right buyers.
In today’s event world it’s not enough to attract the right attendees and hope they connect with the right sponsors. You have to actively plan that connection. Learn how Winsight is working to ensure its sponsors have successful events.
  1. Brief Introduction to Winsight
    1 Trade Show
    5 Conferences
    40+ Small Events
  2. The Biggest Reason Exhibitors/Sponsors Don’t Renew
  3. What is Hosted Buyer
    Aka Structured Networking/Speed Dating/1:1 Meetings
  4. A Journey Through Structured Networking
    What We Did
    What We Learned
    What We Plan to Do



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