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ABM (Account-Based Marketing) for B2B Publishers

Chris DeMartine, Group Account Director, Programmatic B2B

Most account-based marketing platforms are built for large businesses, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) vendors often have high minimums for getting started. This does not make it easy for disciplined B2B publishers who want to minimize the overhead associated with tech infrastructure, but still need to cost-effectively reach and engage key accounts.

So how can B2B publishers and SMBs leverage the benefits of ABM to attract target companies to their brand?  This firm, Programmatic B2B believes that the answer is built on the concept that ‘man plus machine’ wins every time. Start with your primary objective and let a qualified digital account manager take care of the rest. If your business is less than $250 million in annual revenue, then it is highly likely that this type of solution will fit your revenue model and cost-structure.

Would you like for your next ‘whale’ to be a Fortune 1000 account? Several new B2B Audiences | Programmatic B2B are now available for cross-device targeting on the open web with hundreds of content and creative options for real engagement. Just watch for your industry to appear on the screen and review the list of Fortune 1000 companies and contacts for your next ABM campaign.
Furthermore, if you are looking to generate more revenue from your audience, then this Programmatic B2B knows how to do that for you – for real!



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