Nancy Walsh

Nancy Walsh

President of Reed Exhibitions North America

This session will include strategies to grow the event business and deliver excellent margins. There are a number of strategies to discuss, including; organic growth, finding new partners, sales structure and process, adjacencies, media, cross border opportunities, and developing new prospects and new products. The event business is in transition and customers including millennials, want engaging  and experiential events. They want to feel part of a community and come to events to network, learn and embark on new experiences. 

As President of Reed Exhibitions North America, Nancy Walsh is responsible for the portfolio of B2B and B2C business.  Known as a results-oriented, forward-thinking and customer-focused leader, Nancy has been successful in driving business growth, generating revenues and delivering customer value for Reed through collaboration, partnerships and great relationships.

Reed Exhibition – the world’s largest event company has been growing consistently despite natural disasters, changing customers needs, event models and a challenging economy.

Nancy led Reed’s expansion into the Mexico market in 2011, taking the RX presence outside of the US borders and establishing a blueprint for the Company’s North American growth.  Behind Nancy’s leadership, Reed Exhibitions is now the largest events producer in Mexico. More recently, Nancy is guiding the evolution of the US organization by applying our powerful data and digital capabilities to enhance customer value and drive ROI.  By championing the introduction of new technologies and approaches, Nancy is enhancing the relationship with customers to drive new revenue and growth opportunities for RX.