Kate Hand

Kate Hand

Director of Editorial Operations, Gardner Business Media

Developing Your Editorial (Tech) Team
The traditional (daresay old school?) editorial team was assembled with the right mix of subject matter knowledge, writing chops and journalism expertise. But today’s editor is asked to do all of that and so much more. Take photographs. Shoot and edit video. Engage socially. Amass followers. Moderate forums. Speak at events. React to analytics. Storyboard infographics. Write for SEO. The demands of changing tech can be dizzying for even the most engaged editorial teams. Director of Editorial Operations Kate Hand will address how B-to-B publisher Gardner Business Media has honed its hiring practices, invested in current employees and successfully evolved its culture into one of continuous editorial training and development—all while keeping deep, engaging content at the core of the job.

Kate Hand, Director of Editorial Operations, Gardner Business Media is a B-to-B media strategist with expertise in publishing, project management, process optimization, staff organization, and – above all – rich, immersive Content, no matter the form. As part of Gardner Business Media’s executive team, she works closely with all 14 of the company’s industry-focused brands to research and promote the very best in content-first editorial practices, engage teams in continuing education and strategize future content types, revenue streams, and staffing needs.  Kate started her career writing long-form feature and news editorial for arts publications and B-to-B business journals, then attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, concentrating on the business of magazine publishing. After a stint in custom publishing in Chicago, she joined Gardner Business Media – the premier voice of the manufacturing industry.