Mediagrowth Summit Speakers

April 10 - 12, 2018, Chicago – Long-Term Success Built on B2B Media’s Cores Values

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Eric Bearly

Publisher, Bobit Business Media

As a leader in the rapidly transforming media industry, it can be difficult to stay connected with those serving day-to-day in the trenches. What can you learn from those who are driving innovation and causing disruption within your company?

Tara May Tesimu

Chief Digital Officer, Winsight Media

USER EXPERIENCE – What is a successful UX and how do you implement it across your digital properties? How can a strategic UX increase traffic and engagement? BEHAVIORAL DATA – How can you use behavioral data to grow traffic and engagement? How can it be turned into revenue?

Tim Fixmer

CEO of CCI Media

Making the virtual environment work is a totally unique concept, one that requires conscious thought about breaking away from processes and procedures that we all have become accustomed to and revamping all procedures to accomplish the same objectives. In a virtual environment we are 25-30% more productive and have rapid growth.

Greg Watt

President/CEO WATT Global Media

Greg will provide insight and case studies on how implementation of a Results-Only-Work-Environment has created a new company culture and driven success. Through empowering all staff through inclusion and engagement, listening, collaborative learning, and clear goal setting with timelines you’re creating conditions for competitive advantage.

Leslie Galbreath

CEO, dgs Marketing Engineers and Magenta Marketing Communications

The CEO of a global marketing communications agency, Leslie will discuss a modern approach to media research, planning, implementation and measurement, and offer suggestions to help media companies best meet the changing needs and requirements of their customer base.

Elizabeth Green

CEO/Founder, Brief Media

Beth will present a case study for a paid app and responsive website launched in 2015 that has become the fastest growing revenue stream at Brief Media. You will learn from the successes and failures surrounding this product launch and why they are interested in developing additional recurring monthly revenue streams.

Scott LoSasso

CEO, LoSasso Integrated Marketing & Managing Partner, Hyperscope Media, LLC

Scott will share his perspective how publishers can navigate the digital transformation and immediately begin to unlock their revenue potential from digital products through social media, data monetization, audience development, and more progressive use of content and editorial expertise.

Nancy Walsh

President of Reed Exhibitions North America

Nancy will present on strategies to grow the event business and deliver excellent margins including organic growth, finding new partners, sales structure and process, adjacencies, media, cross border opportunities, and developing new prospects and new products.

Chris Hartnett

Digital Publisher, Hart Energy

Chris will share insights on various monetization strategies for video beyond pre/mid roll, and discuss the importance of data/analytics for video programs. He will go over monetization strategies, equipment and a number of other complex considerations.

Paul Mattioli

Chief Revenue Officer, Brief Media

Paul will explore the operational framework to launch a thought leadership brand but also explore the cultural and business development evolution required to commit to a robust, long lasting program. Growing and grooming a dedicated research network sets the stage for near and long term content solutions while creating new opportunities for sponsorship, events and other high quality thought leadership output.

Peter Stamats

President, Stamats Media; COO, Stamats Communications, Inc.

One of the core strengths of B2B Media brands is the highly qualified audiences we build and maintain. This past year we engaged in the process to develop a qualified research panel as an additional revenue generating offering. This presentation will review this process.

Robb Coltrin

Vice President of Sales - Metrostudy’s home building and building products groups

Every organization is asked to do more with less and while you’re at it, do it faster as well. Robb helps B2B clients utilize data to more effectively identify high potential partners and develop relevant content to deliver to specific segments of the market. Robb will share with us best practices in data.

Kate Hand

Director of Editorial Operations, Gardner Business Media

Today’s editor is asked to do so much more. The demands of changing tech can be dizzying for even the most engaged editorial teams. Gardner has honed its hiring practices, invested in current employees and successfully evolved its culture into one of continuous editorial training and development—all while keeping deep, engaging content at the core of the job.