Mediagrowth Summit Advisory Board

MediaGrowth Summit is grateful for the expertise and direction provided by its Advisory Board

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Chris Battaglia

CEO, WorldPensionSummit, VP/Grp Pub, Crain's Pensions and Investments

Chris Battaglia is CEO, WorldPensionSummit and Vice President/Group Publisher of Crain's Pensions and Investments, the pre-eminent international newspaper of money management. He is responsible for ma…

Richard Kline

Chairman and CEO, Gardner Business Media

After joining Gardner Business Media, Inc. in September 1963, Rick became District Manager of the Detroit area.  He returned to Cincinnati in 1977 as Marketing Manager and was named President of Gard…

Eric Bearly

Publisher, Bobit Business Media

As a leader in the rapidly transforming media industry, it can be difficult to stay connected with those serving day-to-day in the trenches. What can you learn from those who are driving innovation an…

Randall Friedman

CEO, Lebhar Friedman

Randall Friedman is CEO of Lebhar-Friedman, a leading media and marketing company founded in 1925 and serving the retail industry, home building, pharmacy, and targeted consumer markets. With titles …

John Cappelletti

Chief Executive Officer, Putman Media

John Cappelletti is CEO of Putman Media, a full-service media and marketing company with award-winning brands in seven major markets. He guides market-leading brands including Control, Control Design…

Taggart Henderson

Owner and Co-CEO of BNP Media

Taggart Henderson is an owner and Co-CEO of BNP Media, a family held, diversified b-to-b media company founded in 1926 and headquartered in Troy, MI. He began working for BNP in 1995. In 2001, he and…

Elizabeth Green

CEO/Founder, Brief Media

Beth Green is CEO and Founder of Brief Media, a media company that services veterinary professionals, both domestic and global, via multiple touch points and across all devices. Each Brief Media bran…

Ron Spink

President, Design Group, Hanley Wood

Ron Spink serves as the President of the Design Group of brands at Hanley Wood. In this capacity, Ron leads the business management and strategic development of ARCHITECT (the official journal of the …

Roscoe Smith

CEO, VerusMed and 24/Seven

Roscoe Smith is the Chief Executive Officer 24/Seven and VerusMed. 24/Seven is a privately-held media company which provides online magazines and trade show publications. VerusMed is a provider of …

Peter Stamats

President, Stamats Media; COO, Stamats Communications, Inc.

Peter Stamats is President, Stamats Media; COO, Stamats Communications, Inc. Founded in 1923, Stamats offers a full range of marketing, consulting, research and business media services. Across media…

Ann O’Neill

SVP/HR, Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon, 

Ann O'Neill is Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Scranton Gillette Communications / SGC Horizons, a full-service marketing partner to the companies that populate the 16 diverse industries it…