Mediagrowth Executive Strategies

B2B Media Executive Councils

In today’s rapidly changing world B2B media executives find that it is helpful to support each other with ideas, strategies and best practices. At MediaGrowth Executive Summit we formed two councils of 7-10 people. They meet 6 times a year via Google Hangouts or in-person. Members present on topics of their expertise to the other members. 

MediaGrowth Strategies – Council Model 

I. MediaGrowth Council Overview

A group of seven to ten, non-competing B2B media executives that meet bi-monthly (in-person two times per year and via conferencing technology four times per year) to discuss common interests and challenges, and support each other with experience and information. Council members will make a one-year commitment to the group and agree to confidentiality and active participation; contributing their expertise and knowledge.

I1. Proposed Format for Meetings

  • Meeting topic(s) to be decided by council members in advance
  • SS&M will publish an agenda, with the agreed-upon topic(s) to be discussed, to all council members in advance and communicate all meeting details. 
  • SS&M will organize meetings and facilitate communication between meetings.
  • One council member will be chosen before each meeting to present an overview of the topic issues at the meeting.  After this presentation, all members will address the topic issues from their perspective and participate in a general discussion.
  • Each council member will prepare for the discussions and bring questions, answers, resources, personal experiences, and possible solutions to related challenges.
  • Council members will control the discussion based on the majority’s interest in the topic(s).  SS&M will facilitate if council members prefer.
  • In-person meetings will last for one-half day with lunch or dinner provided (Depending on the time preference of the majority of council members).
  • Conference call meetings will last for one and one-half hours (Council members will decide if times should be extended).
  • Minutes will be taken and distributed by SS&M
  • Private LinkedIn Group for council members to discuss topics at any time.

111.  In-Person Meeting (before MediaGrowth Executive Summit)

            In Chicago at MGES Hotel on April 5th

              10:00 am   (CST)  Presenting Council Members

              11:00 am     Facilitated Discussion 

              12:00 pm     Lunch

              1:00 pm      Presenting Council Members

              2:00 pm     Discussion 

              3:00 pm     Adjourn

1V.  Conference Call Meetings

Via Conference Call arranged by SS&M     

                  2:00 pm  (EST)  Council Members Join Conference Call

                                           Council Member Presents 

                 2:45 pm    General Discussion

                 3:15 pm   Choose Date, Topic, Council Member to Present   

                 3:30 pm     Adjourn

V. Suggested Topics for Discussion 

Council members will suggest additional topics

  • Events – staffing, frequency marketing promotion, revenue, etc.
  • Partnerships/JVs/Associations/Investments – how do they work – good bad ugly
  • Webinars – marketing, revenue models, list fatigue, integrated programs
  • Audience Development – how, inside or outside, systems issues, staffing issues, how do
  • you use your list to sell, BPA
  • Research – monetization ideas, selling information, marketing, packaging
  • International Issues – setting up your brand overseas, JVS, syndication, IP issues
  • Editorial Quality – how to maintain, hire new editorial staff, differences in positions today
  • vs. 5-10 years ago
  • Social Media – what is working, what isn’t?
  • Video – anyone making any money with video? Offsetting costs? What is your YouTube
  • Strategy? Hosting customer videos?
  • Native/Content/Advertorial Models – What are you selling? Labor intensive nature? Who sells? Who creates? Editorial controls
  • E-Newsletters – list management – where? Oversaturation of messaging? Frequency? Ad models?
  • Sales – how are you structured? Inside or outside sales? Integrated media sales vs. Product experts
  • Business of the Business – how is your management team structured? Where are accountabilities? Budgeting/proforma/cost controls. What tools do you use to track? Open book? Personnel issues?
  • Programmatic Ad Buying