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BPA Worldwide - Glenn Hansen, President/CEO, Linda Petersell, VP, Business Development, 203-447-2801

BPA Worldwide, owned by media, advertisers and agencies, has announced the launch of an audited quality B2B Private Market Place for online advertising for its members. See us at MGES to learn more. BPA has been providing assurance and accountability for 80+ years in more than 30 countries. As a leading provider of compliance and assurance services, BPA protects brands from the risks of unsupportable claims, failure to protect confidential customer data, keeping company with lesser brands or letting the brand be seen in offensive, off-brand or dishonest content.

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GIE Data Solutions - Marco Urbanic, Business Manager (330) 734-7396

iSirc is the premier solution to manage, integrate, and monetize your audience data. Never before has a single platform delivered excellence in all areas so vital to your business:  Integrated Database; Audience Development; Circulation Fulfillment; Email Marketing; Form and Query Builders; and a Marketing Intelligence front-end that you can white-label and license to your  advertisers as a targeted lead generation tool.

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IMS - Jim Panousis, President/CEO, Brian Hines, VP/e-Products, (800) 263-0669

IMS has served media professionals for more than 30 years.  Over 1400 media brands utilize IMS products (Ad Tracking, Lead Generation, DatabaseSolutions, and Web Services) that help sell pages, digital placements,event space/sponsorship and newsletter advertising;  increase sales lead results for marketers; and produce creative web solutions.

Statlistics - Chris DeMartine, Executive Vice President (203) 778-8700

Statlistics began as a data provider in the business for over 30 years. Offering highly specialized managed business and consumer data, the list management and brokerage firm worked to connect marketers with their ideal target audience in the most cost-effective way possible. The current organization now provides solutions that combine the best of traditional data acquisition with programmatic advertising extensions to maximize ROAS.  

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NXTBook Media - Michael Biggerstaff, CEO and Michelle Wolfe (866) 268-1219

Nxtbook Media provides digital publishing solutions to every business. Whether converting your magazine into a digital edition or crafting a custom digital handbook, Nxtbook works to create digital solutions that drive engagement and increase the reading experience. We provide a full-service solution that helps empower brands of all sizes to grow their digital influence and audience.

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Trend - Mark Leese, Vice President, Sales (562) 794-2390

Trend is one of the largest privately-held publication printers in North America. With a history of steady growth, Trend’s recent expansions provide publishers more distribution options, plus targeted campaign solutions using one-to-one messaging. Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses by leveraging new options that will enable them to flourish as communicators and marketers.   For 50 years, Trend has proven its enduring strength and ability to grow during industry consolidation.  Our new Digital Marketing Solutions Center provides enhanced print customization and true one-to-one personalization of magazines. 

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Performedia – Peter Hackes, CEO (703) 578-4638 and Matt McNevin

Performedia is a leading event webcasting and video production company. We webcast sessions live and on demand, register and track users, create event promo videos, and more, all as a turnkey service. We are also highly focused on revenue generation from online event content, with solutions such as pay-to-view, exhibitor booth demos, ad insertion and more to help cover the cost of extending your event to a web audience. Clients such as UBM, 1105 Media, CQ Roll Call and others use Performedia to make their show content work harder and reach the audience that can’t be there in person.

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QCSS - Jared James, Vice President and Christina Karabetsos, (847) 229-7046 ext 1015

QCSS delivers client-centered, high value &  ethical, Contact Center Services at reasonable pricing. Our business is ensuring the success of our clients’ business.   Our commitment to understanding our clients’ business, our work ethic, and our integrity in action, ensures the  achievement of their goals & objectives.  Telemarketing (marketing by telephone) is a revenue building, ethical & necessary business tool for all businesses.    QCSS makes their clients profitable by providing outbound and inbound telesales, appointment setting and lead generation solutions.   Their people are experienced, educated, passionate, loyal professionals who understand your & your clients’ business.    All of these elements come together to make QCSS – a truly dynamic call center.  They help build your pipeline, revenues, and company by achieving maximized results.

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Jeff Shine, CEO, Andy Scott, VP/Sales (800) 234-4674

Media Services Group’s Élan software is a cloud-based solution built to help media businesses package, sell, deliver and bill: digital advertising, print advertising, newsletters, sponsorships, events and custom content. Élan software is used by hundreds of media companies and thousands of industry professionals around the world.

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Todd Krizelman, Co-founder & CEO, Jen Wilga, Sales & Account Management (855)RADAR.88

MediaRadar revolutionizes the way ad sales teams do business. This innovative SaaS tool streamlines communication, delivers advanced analytics, and quickly identifies new business opportunities. Through a customized intuitive dashboard, clients easily view analytics and actionable advertising insights for over 2.6 million brands. Instantly receive insights that combine TV and print with digital analysis, including new ad formats like online video, mobile, and native. MediaRadar can also pinpoint new business and determine revenue potential. It also helps sales reps plan their pipeline and prioritize the most important points to pitch. This amazing service eliminates the guesswork, so ad execs can focus their time pitching. MediaRadar is a cross-platform solution that is constantly innovating with the ad tech landscape. No longer is it necessary to piece together information from multiple tech products to build a pitch; ad teams can get all their information with ONE tool.

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Danny Pacheco, Sales Manager (303)936.0303

At Publication Printers, our reputation for excellence has made us one of the most trusted web printers in the United States.  We provide superior quality printing on any size project, from glossy national magazines to postcard mailings.  Day after day, we deliver proven expertise and unparalleled service to our clients, as we have for over 35 years. 

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