Jonathan Chalon

Jonathan Chalon

Publisher, Simmons Boardman, Railway Age, International Railway Journal, RT&S

Growth with Events

How does a leading B2B magazine diversify and get into the conference business to build its business beyond print pages?  In 2014 the Rail Group at Simmons Boardman had one conference in Washington D.C.   In 2016 it had five conferences throughout the U.S. and in Austria.   Jonathan analyzed the information needs of the audience, chose convenient and inexpensive locations, timed conferences with other industry events and sold LOTS of sponsorships.  Today, Simmons Boardman has a fast growing and highly profitable conference business.  Jonathan will speak on how this happened.

Bio – Jonathan Chalon is a seasoned media executive with more than three decades of publishing, digital, data subscriptions and conference business experience. He joined Simmons Boardman as Publisher of the Rail Group in 2011 and has led the successful transition of a mostly print-based publishing company to a diversified media business. His background includes executive experience at Penton Media, Spin Magazine, The Industry Standard, Inc. and Business Week. He is best known for his ability to create and implement new products for the markets in which he works.