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Simonsen Sales and Marketing

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

When Kathi Simonsen’s clients told her that there was a need for an executive conference that enabled B2B Innovators to have Long-Term Success Built on B2B Media’s Core Values, MediaGrowth Executive Summit was born.  In addition, she develops productive sales forces as they sell increasingly complicated multi-media packages.  Kathi background includes over 30 years in management, sales, training and management consulting roles in media.


Kathi Simonsen


Before starting her business, Kathi was Publisher of California Design.  She also sold for Penton (Restaurant Hospitality) and Chilton (IA Mfg Mgmt, Automotive Ind.) where she increased the billings 38% on RH and more than double on AI.   Kathi earned a B.A. degree from Wheaton College, Ill. She loves hiking, backpacking, snow and water sports and has been married since college graduation to her best friend and now business partner, Ed Simonsen.

Ed Simonsen


Financial Management, Operations Management, Writing, Editing, Event Photography Over 30 years in writing, editing and operations.

Jill Schroeder

Event Manager

Administration, Customer Service, Registration, Logistics 17 years in event planning.

Felipe Oliveira

Web Design, IT Support

21 years in web design and IT, extensive portfolio of  superior corporate web design, B.A. in Visual Communications / Industrial Design.